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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bull Terrier Video: The making of a book trailer

Book publicity is no easy thing :-)

So I'm trying my hand at a "book trailer" which is a YouTube video allowing people an idea of what they will find in the book.

This is our first YouTube endeavor so hopefully it does the job it is meant to do - which I think is mainly to give potential readers an idea of what the book will include.

Gracie's video - respelled :-)

And yes - the entire dog family is in the book, Labrador, Collie as well as another Bull Terrier (Gracie's 1/2 sister Katie) - Gracie is just the diva of the group.

{Okay - don't tell the Chihuahua but the book takes place before he joined the family, so he isn't actually in it...next time!}

The book is now available at Amazon
and is eligible for Prime members to borrow for free!

Remember, if you'd like to enter our drawing to win a copy of the book, please leave a comment letting us know that!

Note: Thanks to Cate who pointed out to the dyslexic writer her latest and greatest errors - which the new version of the video fixed (ending credits are - I think - finally spelled correctly.)


  1. Very charming video, love the music too. Please enter me in the drawing.

  2. Happily done Jan - thanks for stopping in!

  3. Good job on the trailer! Just share via FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+. Now finally am headed to Amazon :-)

  4. Thanks so much for any and all help spreading the word. I am not a social media giant and welcome any assists people are willing to give!

  5. I enjoyed the video. I'm sharing the link.

    1. Thanks Clowie! I need all the help I can get making people aware that this little book is out there.

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