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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Samoyed: From Sled Dog to Bed Dog


Cheerful, friendly, only sometimes stubborn, and the perfect companion for winter activities Samoyeds have always happily made the transition from nomads and sled dogs to household and bed dogs, often in the same day.


As one can imagine of a breed that originated in Siberia, this is a tough, hardy dog that none the less was happy to adapt to being a beloved housepet. In fact, it is said they were traditionally used to keep people warm at night, after a day of carrying packs, pulling sleds, or herding reindeer. This is a breed that while needing to be capable of independent action, has always worked and lived with people.

Their thick coats require grooming and washing to fight the yellowing process that can happen when the coat is left natural and exposed to elements. A well groomed Sammie looks dazzling with their fluffy white fur. It is said the smile they are famous for is also practical; a non-drooping mouth ment no icicles forming on their mouth in the winter.


An intelligent, independent breed, Sammies are perhaps best suited to people who are easier going, versus those who require strict compliance. Not to say they are difficult to train but like any breed that was originally developed to have common sense and survival instincts, a Sammie isn't going to blindly follow anyone's commands.


This is however, also still a breed capable of working and thrives with a job to do whether that be herding livestock, pulling a sled, or carrying a pack. Pacific Crest Samoyeds are just one example of a kennel that still raises working dogs.


If one wants a loving, cheerful family member though, a dog that is happy to go where the family goes and do what the family does, then this is a breed worth considering. This is a breed that requires a moderate but regular exercise routine and will not be happy if left alone for long periods of time. These are people loving dogs who also tend to get along well with other animals.



  1. I love their happy smiley faces and the ones I've been around didn't have any doggie odors.

  2. I'm sometimes mistaken for a Samoyed, even though I'm quite a lot larger! There are quite a few similarities.

    1. I find it very amusing that someone would mistake you for a Samoyed Clowie - granted, you are white ;-)

    2. Polar bear is a more frequent suggestion! Along with pony!

  3. Love seeing that you've profiled this breed. I have friends with Sammies and they're such awesome dogs. And years ago I met a few when I was in Siberia.

    1. Siberia! Sue, you are a woman of mystery.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous breed!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

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