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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Smiling Dogs

Admittedly, I am not posting as regularly as my good intentions would dictate, if I listened to my good intentions. There is a new medical procedure on my horizon though (out patient, so not a big deal) and I was thinking - what we need to see about now are smiling dogs. Happy looking dogs to remind us that whatever else is going on, we can usually count on our canine companions to brighten our day.


Not all of us are experiencing full on spring yet, so I'm starting with a dog that can smile even while sitting in slushy snow. I will try and remember his/her face when I slog through mud, slush, snow to get to my front door tonight.


There are entire breeds of dogs who are known for their tendency to smile. One of these is the Samoyed.


Another smiling breed is the Golden Retriever.


Other breeds don't tend to be associated with smiling as often, yet do still generate happy looks - I'm thinking of a breed I actually live with now... the Chihuahua.


Add chttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/102738435223910588/

And some dogs are just so happy looking, that one can't
help but smile looking at them.

I'm also just very fond of happy looking senior dogs.


Currently, I am living with several breeds of dogs that are fairly happy breeds.

Labradors of course smile whenever fun or food are immediate.   

Bull Terriers smile pretty much anytime they see someone.  


And Collies tend to smile at their own private thoughts. They are for example, very fond of jokes about children like "little Timmy" who is still sitting in a cave somewhere waiting for Lassie to come back.  


We hope that whatever causes you and your family and canine friends to smile, you have many opportunities to share smiles in the days and weeks ahead. A belated Happy Spring to all!


  1. Nothing happier than a smiling dog! Hope your procedure goes well and that you are surrounded by smiles when you are healing.

    Love the collie reference! lol Timmy's still down the well!!

    1. Poor Timmy - just another baby boomer whose childhood slipped away ;-)

  2. How could you forget Shetland Sheepdogs????? My Dakota smiles brighter than most dogs that I know! :) Visit his blog and you will see! DakotasDen

    1. So true! Dakota has a brilliant smile!!! There are many smilers I've neglected to post here. I should have noted, this is NOT an exhaustive list ;-)

  3. Ping our pug was featured as a smiling dog in bark magazine

  4. Some really terrific smiling dogs! Hope that procedure goes well for you!

    1. Another procedure survived :-) Painful but over.

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