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Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Happened During The Quiet Year

Also Not a Dog

One of the greatest dogs ever
Once upon a time there was a midwesterner with a love of dogs and a savant knowledge of breeds who decided to start a dog-blog. In the process of blogging she met other animal people and other bloggers - sometimes there were overlaps between those communities sometimes not - and she made some online friends that she is the richer for knowing.

Gracie, the early years:
Her face is now nearly white

A pup when we started and now a senior

In following other bloggers she noted that with time their blogs tended to change, or end, as their artistic natures and interests took them in new directions. A few, who had very focused themes for their blogs, did continue blogging but just as many blogs had writers who moved on for a variety of reasons.

Emotional Support Animal extraordinaire

The dog blogger herself posted less and less often, until the nearly year long season of silence. In reflection, perhaps some of that quiet grew out of the loss of two very good dogs, in particular the sweet-souled collie Jenny.

Jenny, who's face remains the writer's avatar, helped inspire the beginning of the blog and perhaps took some of the motivation and inspiration for the blog with her when she passed.

Other things, though were also happening in the writer's life.

Writers write, and when they spend less time writing blogs they have more time for writing other things. A books series was begun and continues to grow. (And as with most writing, the more stories that are written, the better they get.)

             Amazon: Stagecoach                                Daughters   

                Preacher                                        Draft cover, book 4

Of course there was work (the kind that pays the bills.)
When the blogger began she worked with fewer than 200 students with disabilities, facilitating their education by ensuring they received necessary services. Now she works with over 400. It's become such a heavy caseload that some welcome part-time help is being hired to pitch in. Working with this many young people meant working outside of office hours, which could also impact the availability of time for blogging.

And then there are the places that an abiding love of animals takes a person who loves more than dogs. 

What began with one rabbit grew to three.
One of the rabbits was a boy and a Houdini: the inevitable happened.

Percy Sr.at 4 months and Percy Jr. at 4 weeks

The sometimes-blogger did not want to take her site down because people continued to use it as a reference point (which it was meant to be.) The personality of a breed of dog is slow to change and thus the information contained in many of the posts remains useful.

And honestly, can there ever be too many pictures of dogs in hats available on the internet?


Inspired by a friend who has faithfully blogged for years, usually everyday - every day!- this blogger decided that perhaps she could have a more modest goal of blogging once a week. Because there are still breeds to write about and there are always newly hatted dogs to share pictures of.

So that will become our fairly modest goal for the next year. We'll see how it goes. 

Hopefully, some old connections will be re-established and some new connections will be made.
And in honor of the old being new again, some adoptables who though older, require fresh homes.

      Greta : Houghton, MI

                                                                        Bennett:  Ashland, WI 

Tommy:Oconto, WI  

  Alvin:Sparta, WI

Linus: Blaine, MN

Lady Bird: Minneapolis, MN

Maggie: Muskegon, MI

Billy: Huntley, IL

Sunny: Chicago, IL

As of this writing there are about 10,000 dogs listed on Petfinder looking for new homes. The above are a small, Midwestern sampling of the seniors looking for a soft landing after, for whatever reason, losing their original home(s). Some of these sweet faces have been waiting a long time and some have had more than one person give up on them. Let's see if we can assist them in finding permanent placements. 


  1. Thanks, Christy! Nice to see a post. I enjoyed your update. And wow on not just one but two more Deadman's books. Now that I've seen your lop-eared, a couple thoughts: 1) they are beautiful, very cute and 2) having had early 1980's lop-eared rabbits, I'm concerned about the breed. Having 12 inch-long lop-ears cannot be healthy or convenient for the rabbit. Leave it to breeders to take a good thing too far for the animal. Thanks! Kathy

    1. It is true, people tend to accentuate to extreme any quality they find pleasing in an animal. When lops were first brought back to England breeders built overheated breeding pens in order to encourage the development of bigger and bigger ears. Since rabbits use the blood running through their ears to help them cool off, the idea was that overheated breeding would cause following generations to have bigger ears.

      There are now at least three types of lops and the English has the biggest, most oversized ears. This is a big breed of rabbit, which combined with the difficult ears means they are not common. They're also challenging to raise, which luckily means they will probably never be very popular. Like English Bull Terriers they are the sort of animal which most people shouldn't own. For we peculiar few who enjoy them though, it is very difficult to imagine living without them.

  2. So good to hear you are alive and well!! Kudos on the books. Almost missed you in my feed. Enjoyed hearing your update. For a minute there I thought you were going to call it quits (blogging), so glad to hear you are still going to be around. Take care of yourself my friend and stop by when you get a chance!

    1. Thank you! I feel terrible that I'm already behind again; overdue on one blog post and on catching up with the blogs I follow. The only plus side is that every day I'm getting closer to being done with this fourth book I'm working on for the series. I do need to drop in!