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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dogs In Pants

Well, it took me no time at all to rethink my goal of blogging once a week. It seems that lately things in general -  in the world, in day to day life - everything seems to include a lot of stress and anxiety.

But then I realized, a stressful atmosphere seemed like the sort of atmosphere that would benefit from everyone stopping to take a minute to look at dogs in pants. Suddenly, I had a mission. And with this post - mission accomplished.

Muddy Mutts

I was impressed to find a Canadian company that has built their entire identity around putting pants on dogs: Muddy Mutts.

Muddy Mutts

Truth is, however, that Muddy Mutts was taking the dogs in pants thing a little more seriously than I was. 

King - Album on Imgur
Which is why I was so relieved to find King on Imgur.  

Not only does he have the attitude and look of 'dog in pants' that I had in mind, I think he and I would enjoy hanging out together if we ever got the chance.

Maybe I'm just projecting my own friendship goals, but King looks like the kind of guy who once offered a hotdog would become your friend for life.

Then there was this little number....
Original post

Technically, this dog is in a leotard.

I'm going to allow this in our pants post though, because it isn't every day you get to admire a chihuahua in a leotard. 

If I'm allowing chihuahuas in leotards, then, I can hardly disallow a golden in lounge wear.

And if we're going to allow a golden in his lounge wear, then why not a collie in her jogging suite? 

Original post

It was at this point in my internet exploring that I discovered Rain Dog! Custom Canine Gear.
Rain Dog!
Rain Dog

Practical yes.
Is it just me though, or does at least one of these dogs look like he'd rather be getting wet? 

Hopefully, taking a moment to consider dogs in pants (and other pants related wear) has given you a short break from whatever might be stressful in your life. Please be sure to share examples of what you like to do - aside from looking at pictures of dogs in pants - to relieve stress.
Just remember: this is a family-friendly blog.


P.S. How cool is it that we live in a world where there are free stock photos of chihuahuas rocking a sweater and pants? And just when I was beginning to wonder if anything was going right in the world! 


  1. Thanks for the good chuckle! Not my style, but cute nonetheless.

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Just because we would never put our dogs in pants, doesn't mean we should be ashamed to smile when someone else does :-)

  2. I do admit, they are so cute in clothes! Although neither of mine really care for them.

    I did a puppy transport once and all the puppies came in PJ's. They are were so darn cute, it's so hard not to smell. Definitely stress busters!